Heavenly Creator
I ask this not in my own name but in the name of the One
face down near the olive grove.
She tried rehab three separate times.
Lord, I ask this not in my own name,
for I am unworthy, but I ask, instead, in the name
of the One abandoned by friends.
I was a thousand miles away when she died.
Holy Physician I ask
not in my own name, but in the name of the One
too beaten to shoulder the weight.
Drugs bruised deeply into her battered heart.
Father, I ask this of You in the name of the One
who beseeched You with His final breath:
Here is your daughter. My beautiful Jennifer.
Take her into your home.

Published in The Scent of Water on Mirrors, 2013
Written 2004 during a specific time and was meant to reflect what hypocrisy, although those who take it as an image of faith are also welcome. xo


What if…
The ancient word taken to mean dove
also translated as drone
and the spirit which descended and remained
was like onto an MQ-1*
and lo these many, many years
we were meant
to be worshiping war?

~~for Shakira of Pakistan’s Swat Valley, injured during a U.S. airstrike

* General Atomics MQ-1 Predator