Joined Patreon

Here’s Vera racing again to catch up with everyone else in the 21st century.

I’ve joined Patreon as a creator: I invite you to join me there also.

As a full-time writer and creator, I deeply appreciate your support, and it will truly help with expenses
related to such things as publishing, cover art, et cetera. The subscription tier groups are modest, nothing fancy or highfalutin. They start at $1 and top off at $5. The variety is meant to offer everyone a way to participate. When you come through the door, you will have access to everything I share.

Patreon will be my go-to for new poetry, short stories, and novels. The Prologue to my upcoming novel The Exiled Soldier is waiting for readers right now at More will be serialized over the next few weeks. Eventually, it will be published as an e-book, but you’ll see it first!

In truth, I shied away from creating a Patreon for a long time but finally admitted to myself that patrons of the arts have existed for centuries and that the current version is crowdsourcing. “This is the way.”

Please come with me. I look forward to our conversations.

Poem about Twitter for National Poetry Month

So young and new and surprisingly scientific,
yet already considered old-fashioned, outdated,
and used only by the desperate to send
information and opinions nobody reads. Everyone
swivels their eyes to avoid seeing
how passé you’ve become. Some even giggle
nervously, then guffaw to cover their

-Vera S. Scott
28 June 2022
(meant to have been completed April 2022)

Song of the Blessed

Even the pensioned and salaried operative
who pays the mortgage promptly,
who keeps both cars cleaned and washed
and topped up with petrol,
who can afford a daughter’s six-figure bridal gown,
who teaches children on Sunday;
Even the officer, the jury, the judge;
Even the governor.
There is no sort-of sacred,
No mix-and-match option.
No pick and choose your own.
Sanctity is all or nothing. Even the Sanctioned One
with the needle, the bullet, the rope;
Even the Prefect of Judea with freshly cleansed hands,
the centurion ready with forged iron nails;
Even Longinus standing to one side with a spear.
even the executioner
breaks the commandment.

© 2022 Vera S. Scott