“It is an ill wind that blows nobody good” -William Shakespeare

UPDATE: I have received an apology from KDP-amazon. Before I republish my novels I am going to do another revision. The dragon book should be back soon. The horse book…may be presented in a completely different manner. Stay tuned!

Re: My Books
The situation with KDP-amazon has not been resolved, so my books are not available on amazon.com. I upgraded my license on the 3 assets in question so Adobe.com says that they and I are square. The roadblock is amazon. I don’t know when it will be resolved. Hopefully soon.

Foot Sore from Writing

Step left.
Hop right.
Duck, twist, turn.
Get it on paper.
My cradle dance,
My waltz, foxtrot, funky chicken, electric
slide. It existed before I did.
I learned it sooner than walking.
Step left.
Hop right.
Duck, twist, turn.
Write it down.
Before anyone takes away my feet.

Poem 07.07.2021

Somedays it seems as if
I woke on the wrong planet,
as if bed, town, and country changed,
as if even the hemisphere is different now.
No matter what amount of coffee I pour
or how fast my battered feet fly,
I can never catch up to where
I belong.