Sneak Peek at today’s writing/editing

Year of the Survivor 369
New East Anglia, Terra St. Edmunds

“Sláinte,” King Charles said, raising his glass toward the door opening behind him. He had been standing idly at his sitting room window, gazing over the gardens, the darkening horizon, and the distant ruins of the old castle in the distance.

“Sláinte maith,” Edward answered from the doorway, then joked, “Next round’s on you.” When his father chuckled he asked, “Has the Earth risen yet? Both suns have gone down.”

“It’s too overcast to tell,” Charles said, as he distractedly ran his hand through his wayward, grayish-blond hair.

“That’s good. I can still say I’m not late,” Edward commented with a grin. When he stepped all the way into the room, he discovered Queen Mother Ann and General Higgins were also there. He kissed his mother on the cheek and nodded to the general.

“Every time I see the night sky, I think about how far from our roots we are here on Terra St. Edmunds,” King Charles contemplated, holding up his empty wine glass. No footman was present, so Edward took the glass himself, then collected the others’, and topped everyone’s glass. “I wonder why centuries have passed since anyone from Earth has been here.”

Edward handed the king’s wine to Queen Mother Ann who passed it to General Higgins. The general walked the few steps to give it to Charles then the king settled in his favorite chair. Queen Mother Ann accepted her glass, and before returning to his own seat, Higgins collected his. Edward poured a scant glass for himself, cupped the bowl in his fingers, and swirled the wine without tasting it. He waved his free hand up at everyone assembled and asked, “Why have you asked us here, Father?”

“Hold the glass by the stem and stop playing with your wine, Edward,” Charles replied. “It’s Oakham, the finest in the country.”

“We aren’t here to debate your dependence on alcohol, Father. That’s well-known and beyond argument.” King Charles’s shoulders tightened as Edward took two steps forward, deliberately continuing to swirl his wine. “You led me to believe this would be a private meeting between us. Why are they here, too?”

Charles hid his face from his son’s gaze. “If only things with Westhorpe had gone as planned.

Edward canted, then asked coldly, “You planned Albert’s kidnapping and the Duke of Westhorpe’s murder?”

“It was supposed to be your kidnapping.”

### End of Sneak Peek ###

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